~ LT1 eProfiler ~

The LT1 eProfiler is designed to help your system to develop a disinfection profile and benchmark as required by the Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT1ESWTR). This site will automatically calculate the log inactivation achieved by your facility on a weekly basis, monthly average log inactivation, and the disinfection benchmark for both Giardia lamblia and viruses. The site has been designed to calculate the log inactivation provided by each disinfection segment or treatment stage of your system's treatment train based on various operating parameters (e.g., rate of flow, type of disinfectant, temperature, etc.). This report may assist you in determining whether a change in treatment process will benefit or adversely impact your ability to meet the disinfection requirements of the Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR). Note that you must determine the log inactivations of ALL treatment segments and not just those that are used for compliance with the SWTR.
The first time that you use the LT1 eProfiler, you will need to sign up for a user account by clicking on “New User Sign Up” on the Log In page. Having a user account allows you to enter data for fewer than 52 weeks, save that data, and return to the program later to add additional data. If you wish to enter data for more than one disinfection profile and benchmark, you will need to sign up for one user account for each disinfection profile. If you have already begun a disinfection profile or created a user account, enter your username and password in the appropriate boxes below. Then click on “Sign In” to enter data or view your disinfection profile.
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